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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Our service can only exist if you can be sure that your data is secure. It is only you who decides how your data is collected, processed and used.
ConverterFactory is bound by the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy and the other terms stated below, please do not use our services and let us know about your concerns.

Personal Information

By visiting our website, your IP address will be logged, along with the HTTP referrer, the user agent, and the dates of access (log data). We do not read or collect the content, metadata, or other data from the files you upload. For statistical purposes, we only collect the number of converted files, the number of errors, and the total file size of all your conversions.

Handling of Your Files

ConverterFactory staff are trained and compliant with their own GDPR-compliant privacy policy, and we only use your data correctly and do not access, view or copy your files or authorize any third party to have access to your data. During the service provision, your files will be transferred to the server of ConverterFactory and temporarily stored. We will not read, view, or mine any data from your files or metadata, nor will we duplicate them. All file processing is done by machines; no one interacts with your files. When you click the '×' icon (on the right side, next to the download button) or leave our website, your files will be permanently deleted from our server within 24 hours.

E-mail Addresses

You may use our service without disclosing your email address, If you have suggestions to submit your email to us, We guarantee that your email address and any personal information will not be sold or rented for personal or commercial purposes.


ConverterFactory stores so-called cookies to be able to offer you a comprehensive range of functions and to make it easier for you to use our websites. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer with the help of the internet browser. If you do not want to use cookies, you can prevent them from being stored on your computer by using the corresponding settings on your internet browser. Please note that this action may restrict the functional capability and the range of functions of our offer.


We use Google Analytics to store information about how visitors use our website so that we can make improvements and give visitors a better user experience. Google Analytics is a third-party information storage system by Google that records information about the pages you visit, the length of time you were on specific pages and the website in general, how you arrived at the site, and what you clicked on. You can opt out of Google Analytics on this and all other websites using a browser plugin.