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Update Logs

  • 1、The homepage can support the display of categories
  • 2、Add the construction log of the website on the homepage.
  • 1、Added support for known website file addresses
  • 2、Add the sharing function, you can share to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn
  • 1、The HowTo section has been revised to include a guide to the image
  • 2、Added support for file formats WebP, JPGE, HEIC, etc
  • 1、Upgrade the website logo
  • 2、Fixed the timeout issue of converting Gif to other video formats.
  • 3、Added support for converting files to Word, Excel, Ppt, and focused on adjusting pdf to word.
  • 1、Adjust the progress bar display text in the action box
  • 2、New support for converting files to Gif, Webp, TIff, Ico, Odd
  • 1、Adjust the error of resumable transmission in the operation box
  • 2、Add instructions in the HowTo section to the page.
  • 3、Added 3 formats for converting image to image, PNG,JPG,BMP.
  • 1、Change the language selection to the screen opening method
  • 2、Fixed the issue that the bottom menu was too compact on the mobile side
  • 3、Added 10 new support for converting video to audio formats
  • 1、Fixed the issue that some pages on mobile exceeded the screen.
  • 1、Added 5 formats for converting video to audio, MP3, AAC, WAV, AU, AC3.
  • 1、Fix homepage header layout misalignment issue.